History of the House

The Hambleton Family

Mark and Della Hambleton were the original owners of our B&B. The house was built in 1918. Mark was a real estate developer and established the Colonial Heights area, where our home is currently located. Mark and Della raised their five children in this home and Mark’s father, Oscar also resided with them until his death. Oscar Hambleton served with the Third Regiment of the West Virginia Calvary and was one of Ulysses Grant’s escorts at General Robert E Lee’s Surrender at Appomatox Court House in Virginia. The family informed us that Oscar also wrote speeches for General William Custer. We are fortunate to have Oscar’s discharge papers from the Union Army on display in the foyer, as well as one of his straw hats and his cane.




Restoration & Transformation

When we purchased this home, it was in a state of disrepair. The roof had been removed and for several years tarps covering the roof area were often not secured. The ceilings on the second floor were sagging from water damage and the third floor was in poor condition. Over the period of three years the house underwent a transformation and was restored to its former state. Hambleton House received the 2007 Canton Preservation Award.

Our first guests at our B&B were three of Mark and Della’s granddaughters.